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SMS Alerts Related to Transactions

What is SMART?

SMART (SMS Alerts Related to Transactions) is CDSL's SMS alert facility in which registered investors will receive alerts for all types of debits and for credits due to IPO allotments and corporate actions. Thus, SMART acts as an effective risk control mechanism for monitoring you demat account.

How do I avail of this facility for my account?

You will have to approach your Depository Participant (DP) and submit the SMART registration form duly completed.

Is this facility available for all types of demat accounts?

The SMART alert service is presently not available for Clearing Member settlement, Beneficiary and Margin accounts.

What is the registration procedure?

  • An account holder will have to submit the SMART registration form duly completed to their DP. The form can be obtained from your DP or downloaded from CDSL's website.
  • After verifying the signatures and details mentioned in the form, the DP enters the details in the CDSL system for initiation of this service.
  • CDSL will generate an acknowledgment letter, which the DP will certify and hand over or mail to the BO.
  • CDSL will then send a message to the cell phone number registered for this facility.

Can I de-register for the SMART facility if required?

In order to de-register for the SMART facility you may contact your DP and submit the Modification-cum-Cancellation request form.

Page last updated on October 23, 2012    Dept:Operations