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Wide DP Network: CDSL has a wide network of DPs, operating from over 17,000 sites, across the country, offering convenience for an investor to select a DP based on his location.

On-line DP Services:The DPs are directly connected to CDSL thereby providing on-line and efficient depository service to investors.

Wide Spectrum of Securities Available for Demat:The equity shares of almost all A, B1 & B2 group companies are available for dematerialisation on CDSL, consisting of Public (listed & unlisted) Limited and Private Limited companies. These securities include equities, bonds, units of mutual funds, Govt. securities, Commercial papers, Certificate of deposits; etc. Thus, an investor can hold almost all his securities in one account with CDSL.

Competitive Fees Structure: CDSL has kept its tariffs very competitive to provide affordable depository services to investors.

Internet Access:A DP, is required to mandatorily register with CDSL.


On-line Information to Users: CDSL's system is built on a centralised database architecture and thus enables DPs to provide on-line depository services with the latest status of the investor's account.

Convenient to DPs: The entire database of investors is stored centrally at CDSL. If there is any system-related issues at DPs end, the investor is not affected, as the entire data is available at CDSL.

Contingency Arrangements:CDSL has made provisions for contingency terminals, which enables a DP to update transactions, in case of any system related problems at the DP's office.

Meeting User's Requirements: Continuous updation of procedures and processes in tune with evolving market practices is another hallmark of CDSL's services.

Audit and Inspection: CDSL conducts regular audit of its DPs to ensure compliance of operational and regulatory requirements.

Dormant Account Monitoring: CDSL has in place a mechanism for monitoring dormant accounts.

Helpdesk: DPs and investors can obtain clarifications and guidance from CDSL's prompt and courteous helpline facility.


Computer Systems: All data held at CDSL is automatically mirrored at the Disaster Recovery site and is also backed up and stored in fireproof cabinets at the main and disaster recovery site.

Unique BO Account Number: Every BO in CDSL is allotted a unique account number, which prevents any erroneous entry or transfer of securities. If the transferor's account number is wrongly entered, the transaction will not go through the CDSL system, unless corrected.

Data Security: All data and communications between CDSL and its users is encrypted to ensure its security and integrity.

Claims on DP: If any DP of CDSL goes into liquidation, the creditors of the DP will have no access to the holdings of the BO.

Insurance Cover: CDSL has an insurance cover in the unlikely event of loss to a BO due to the negligence of CDSL or its DPs.

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