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A Will document is a declaration by which a person who prepares a Will (Testator) declares his/her intent of distribution of his/her assets after demise. This ensures a transparent and unencumbered succession of assets to the legal heirs.

In India, Will writing has traditionally been a manual process where the individual owning the assets has to consult a legal expert for preparation of a Will. This process time consuming and expensive; and thus restricted to the wealthy few. As a result, there have been many instances of intestate (a person who is deceased without making a Will ) succession.

Today, a variety of investment opportunities available to individuals as a result of which the wealth of individuals is distributed across diverse asset classes. Also, with the increasing spread entrepreneurship as well as more women joining the work force, the wealth in most households has increased. Further, with life moving at a very fast pace, uncertainty has increased substantially due to various health and environmental hazards. Hence, it is imperative, that in the unfortunate event of a sudden demise , the assets one holds, are bequeathed in favour of one’s loved ones as per one’s wishes, leaving no room for ambiguity or discord amongst deceased’s family members.

In line with its stated mission of providing convenient, dependable and secure depository services at an affordable cost, CDSL is pleased to introduce “myeasiwill” – an online Will service. CDSL has tied up with, a leading Will service provider and arrived at a simplistic technology enabled solution to facilitate preparation of a Will. . CDSL’s myeasiwill facilitates individuals to make their Will in an extremely convenient, secure and cost effective manner, thus, facilitating a simple and faster process of transfer of wealth and assets to the legal heirs of the deceased.

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